We Create Landing Pages That Sell On The First Click

Our PROVEN formula converts up to 10% of FIRST time visitors - Once you have the click, It's up to the landing page to close the sale. Otherwise, your ad dollars will be wasted.

Win-Win pricing model - We create a new, strategically arranged website which doesn't only look good, but makes use of every dollar invested in it's development.

Harsh Truth:

Agencies That Only Seek Money


Scam Agencies That Hide Results


The Best Agency For You


About Us

Who are we?

IKARUS Is a Web Development Agency that helps businesses achieve their full marketing potential.

We do this by creating variating landing pages depending on the type of content you provide for your customers.

You get to choose the entire design if you want to! We convert your ideas into a modern & responsive website

Data-driven Approach

Data-Driven Approach

When users get what they expect, they’re more likely to convert.

Clear & Concise Messaging

Clear, Concise Messaging

We're writing and designing with insights you can trust.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

We'll make sure your page is on-brand and fully functional

Our Goal

IKARUS has the tools, strategies and techniques to turn your conversion goals into reality .

Our Main Goal is to keep a comfortable & happy environment with everyone we work with.

We're focused on gaining satisfied clients and being known as the only agency that truly cares about it's clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Websites are fully optimized & ready to be displayed on searches

Smart Pop-Ups

Smart & Timed Popups

Perfectly timed pop-ups that increase conversions.

User Recordings

User Recordings

We analzye the way people interact with your landing pages

Our Pricing Philosophy

We charge a fee for our work to ensure payment for our time & tools necessary to provide great service.

After that, based on your choice, we run an optional Management Service where we update & take care of your website as frequently as you want.

We make use of every dollar spent on the development of the website.
This ensures a Risk-Free service and satisfaction for you.

Social Proof

Social Proof

We'll include customer testimonials,awards and other trust signals that increase conversion.

Increase Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion Rates.

We're monitoring your conversion rates and improving them consistently.

A/B Testing

Consistent A/B Testing

We'll test different headlines, call-to-action, offers and others


Landing Pages That Sell On The First Click

Our proven strategies & techniques easily convert 10% of first time visitors into customers (based on the industry).
This includes:

Fully Responsive Landing Page

Multiple Variating Landing Pages Depending On Which Content You Provide.

Optimized For Speed & Smooth User Experience.


Modern Webpage That Will Rank You The TOP Converting Store In Your Industry.

Struggling With High Cost Per Acquisition?
This Will Cut Them In Half:

Fully Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Website

Multiple Pages, Depending On Your Liking

Has The Main SEO Characteristics & Is Optimized For Fast Loading

Expert-Written Copy And High-Quality Creatives


Non-Stop Website Management

Everything Is Taken Off Your Back. We Will Manage Your Website / Landing Page As Frequently As You Wish.

Updates On Your Website & New Content Creation.

Maintenance & Premium Security Features

Open-Minded Team That Is Ready To Accept & Make New Ideas Reality


The Whole Deal

If You'd Like Us To Do All Of The Above, We Can Do So At A Discounted Price.
Get In Touch Below And We'll Send You An Offer.

Our Team:

Arijan Janes

Arijan is the brain of this team.
He takes work very seriously and IKARUS is not an exception for him.
His strategies are battle-tested from previous clients & work.


Website Arijan_Janes_Photo

Marin Sabo

Marin is the heart of this team.
His burning passion in junction with his broad tech knowledge guarantee him a succesful future in IKARUS.
He is known for solving problems that require thinking out of the box.


Linkedin Marin_Sabo_Photo

Luka Baric

Luka is the strength of this team.
His endless optimism & open-minded thinking was crucial to the success of this page.


Linkedin Luka_Baric_Photo

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Trust Ikarus Agency?
We understand that is hard to trust online agencies in today's world. However, Ikarus will firstly present their work, allign it to your expectations, fully optimize it and then recieve payment for the work.
What If I Am Not Happy With A Product?
You may not be satisfied with the work we present at first, that's why we agree to redesign and make changes to the website until you are satisfied with the final product.
This applies during the website creation stage.
After this stage, any changes belong in the website management service.
What are your prices?
Our approach to each project is different, We pay extra attention to your requests.
Therefore, a fixed price cannot be determined without researching your needs & liking.
However, in a market full of overpriced services, we consider our service realistically priced.
In What Time Frame Can I Expect My Website?
As stated above, each website is custom and the time frame is dependent on the complexity of the project.
Our usual time frames are 3-4 days for a smaller website and 2-4 weeks for more demanding projects.